Our CFP®'s
A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® is internationally recognized as a standard for financial planner professionals.

It is of utmost importance that a CFP® adhere to standards set by the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa (FPI). CFP’s stay in touch with the latest happenings in the financial planning profession and is required to attain 35 hours of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) each year.

A client’s circumstances and financial goals can change over time. Therefore CFP® professionals meet their clients often to ensure the necessary changes is made to their financial plans. Clients usually start out with financial needs related to managing student loan debt or saving for a large purchase like a car or a house.
When clients starts settling into life, CFP® professionals can help with a financial plan for growing a family, life insurance and retirement decisions. CFP® professionals also offer aid with tax strategies, estate planning, as well as preparing a client’s children for planning and managing their inheritance.

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